“A knock out to work with…”

"Alisha is a knock out to work with. On our magazine projects, Alisha pulls together an entire team of models, stylists, hair, and makeup people.  She interprets the editor's idea and contributes creatively simultaneously.

Alisha gracefully works with the models, can manage the whole team, and make it all fun and easy at the same time.  Afterward, Alisha is a total pro at marketing and networking through her touching and engaging blogs and social media.  She is witty, fun and wonderful to be around.  Work with Alisha any time you have the opportunity."

-Paisley Taylor, Publisher for High Desert Lifestyles Magazine

“I am so in love with each and every image…”

"Everyone is a photographer nowadays, but that doesn't mean everyone can rock their camera.  Fortunately, I found someone who can, and that someone is Alisha.  I am so in love with each and every image Alisha was able to capture during my maternity shoot.   Because at eight months pregnant, the last thing I wanted to do was get in front of a camera!  But Alisha made me feel comfortable and beautiful.   She had great input for wardrobe, styling, and what would work well for the shoot.  I am extremely thankful I took the time to find the right photographer for us and invest in amazing photography.  Thank you, Alisha.  My husband and I will cherish our images forever!"

-Carolina Adame, Client

“Made us feel like we were friends… ”

"We knew we had chosen the right wedding photographer the moment we started emailing each other...  you were warm, bubbly and not once did you pressure us.  And when we met you, you immediately had us laughing and made us feel comfortable.  You never made us feel like we were just another client.  You took the time to get to know us, made us feel like we were friends, then you captured our love perfectly. 

I cannot thank you enough for everything, from our engagement to our wedding.  I will always love looking at our pictures, over and over again, just to remind me of what an amazing time I had during this special moment in our lives.  I can honestly say that any bride and groom would be lucky to have you, I know we were."

-Analily Vargas, Bride

“Extremely comforting and an inspiration behind the lens…”

"Alisha... first and foremost you are an incredible photographer and above that, an amazing soul.  Being in front of a camera was nothing new to me, but being photographed by someone I did not know, was.  I have to say that from the second I met you, you were warm, very professional, extremely comforting and an inspiration behind the lens.

When Eric popped the question during our session, I knew in my heart that we had the absolute best photographer to be a part of such a memorable moment in our lives.  We cannot express how meaningful these pictures are to us, how much they will be cherished, and how incredible you captured our personalities.  I look forward to the many happy tears you will bring to my eyes with our wedding photos, because we wouldn't choose anyone but you to capture and share the most important day of our lives.  We love you!"

-Jessica Francis, Bride

“Everything I wanted in a photographer…”

"As a soon-to-be bride I have to say the photographer search for our wedding was stressful.  Thankfully I came across a referral who told me about Alisha, speaking the world of her.  From our first email I knew instantly I was gonna love this woman.  She has been everything I wanted in a photographer, from professional to talented, but at the same time I have found a friend.   It seems like just yesterday we had our amazing engagement shoot!!  

Alisha, I want you to know something...  from the bottom of my heart I cannot express how much I appreciate you.  I don't know what's gotten into me this past month, but I think the reality is sinking in that I'm getting MARRIED!   I love, love, love our engagement photos and I can't thank you enough for beautifully documenting this time in our lives. Thank you for being awesome, offering your friendship, and sharing your amazing gift of photography."

-Samantha Woods, Bride

“Unbelievably talented with a keen eye for detail…”

"Alisha is unbelievably talented with a keen eye for detail.  She knows how to connect with her clients which enables them to feel comfortable while shooting with her.  Being a professional make-up artist I have worked with Alisha on many shoots yet I have never seen such an honest, energetic, caring and passionate photographer as she is.  Not only is she focused on pleasing her clients but also perfecting the photos as well.  I highly recommend working with Alisha if given the opportunity."

-Katie Beaudin, Professional Make-Up Artist

“Absolutely speechless… ”

"Alisha, I am absolutely speechless.   You ARE AMAZING!  Not only do you take beautiful shots but you are unquestionably invested in what you do.  You are so kind to Alyssa and always make her feel like herself, so comfortable and at ease.  She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES you!!!!  My husband said it was so nice to see our teenage daughter's beautiful youthfulness but at the same time, how much she's grown.   You not only have skill but such a special way to relate and connect with us.  And you do it beautifully.  Thank you so much."

-Myra Chang, Client

“My husband cried tears of joy…”

"Alisha!!  Thank you for giving our family such an amazing time.

We absolutely loved you, especially our daughter Julia.  She wouldn't stop talking about you!  We felt so comfortable during our shoot and we will never forget you standing in the middle of the road dodging cars, just to get that shot!  Your work is completely flawless and my husband actually cried tears of joy when he saw the photo of himself and our girls.  You and your pictures have made my family realize how important it is to capture and cherish irreplaceable moments in our lives.  Thank you so much, for everything.  We can't wait to do it again."

-Lisette Mendoza, Client

“I’m in awe of the beautiful photos…”

"I couldn't be happier with the experience and professionalism of Ms Alisha Cryderman and her creativity behind the camera.  Alisha's fun personality helps create such a comfortable, natural environment.  Her ability to capture the genuine moments that occur throughout the shoot shine in each and every photograph.  I'm in awe of the beautiful photos she captured during our maternity shoot."

-KayLee Cartwright, Client

“Cannot recommend her enough…”

"Alisha is honestly one of the best photographers I have ever had the privilege to work with.  She has the most awe-inspiring natural talent and a genuine love for photography.  My fiancé is a typical guy and definitely not the "picture taking type", yet she completely guided him through our shoot and kept him at ease.  She would be shooting a picture and all of a sudden I would see this flash of inspiration in her eyes.  She would ask us to turn a certain way or smile and the shot would be perfect every time!  We have the most amazing engagement pictures and the constant compliments we receive on them is beyond flattering.  I can't wait to see what she does when she shoots our wedding this summer. I absolutely adore Alisha and cannot recommend her enough."

-Camille Ondarza, Bride

“A creative genius who radiates a love for her art…”

"Alisha is a creative genius who exudes positive energy and radiates a love for her art.  Working with her on multiple projects, Alisha has always created a fun, relaxed and almost euphoric atmosphere.  She has a keen eye for all things beautiful and an ability to not only capture timeless amazing photos, but ones in which the subject look their best.  Through Alisha's experience in modeling, she demonstrates a unique understanding of how to direct and encourage the model, bestowing confidence and sense of ease to her clients.  She has an exceptional ability to balance both the desire of the client and photographer. This special woman is always courteous, prompt and works extremely hard to meet the needs of her clients.  She has the enthusiasm and drive that will bring her boundless success in this industry.  She is so dedicated to her craft and truly is the image of photography perfection and it has been such a pleasure work with this true professional."

-Christin Mortimore, Professional Model

“We were able to be us…”

"Let me start by saying that I am a full time working wife and mother of two and I know how important it is to acknowledge when amazing moments happen in life.  Alisha captured one of those moments for my family and I when we were expecting our second child. From laughing to dancing to running, we were able to be us and Alisha stayed by our sides and caught it all!  I remember seeing the first picture of myself and my belly, I was so proud.  I then saw one of myself and my daughter and tears of joy came flowing.  These feelings didn't stop with the rest of the pictures.

Alisha has a true gift, she can take the perfect photo.  But she offers so much more... comfort, patience, humor, friendship, and kindness.   

Alisha, I know that I am YOUR customer, but I want to tell you thank you for being MY photographer."

-Brittney Nielson, Client

“She doesn’t just snap pictures, she makes memories…”

"Alisha is absolutely incredible at what she does.  We had a complete blast shooting with her for our engagement photos and I couldn't be happier with our pictures.  She had us cracking up hysterically the whole time and made it SO much fun for us, but most of all she made us completely comfortable.  Alisha is so professional and SUCH a sweetheart, just a pleasure to be around!  She doesn't just snap pictures, she makes memories.  Thank you, Alisha, for the beautiful experience and the photos to prove it.  We love you!"

-Nicole Garrett, Bride

“You exceeded our expectations, tenfold… ”

"I write this to you with such a grateful heart.  When I found out that I was expecting, next to awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby, I couldn't wait to have our maternity photos taken.  We were so thrilled when we came across your work, we wanted the same beautiful photos you had given other countless families.  Needless to say, you exceeded our expectations, tenfold!  

Not only were you gracious from the second we contacted you, but it felt like we were talking to a dear friend.  Thank you for your kindness, your genuine love, and your ability to make this such an effortless experience. Our beautiful photos speak for themselves.  You have an incredible talent, Alisha and we absolutely adore you!  We can't wait to see your future work and look forward to additional sessions with you."

-Thao Mailloux, Client