“One simply cannot put a price tag on their memories.”

The Investment

Chances are you clicked on this box because you want to see the price tag. You are in the market for a wedding photographer and you'd like to cut straight to the point before you continue scanning through my blog - which I completely respect. But I think it's imperative you first understand what you are investing in.

You get what you pay for...
Gracing the cover of my first magazine in 2012 as well as being featured on various wedding blogs and winning national photography contests, it is undeniable to say I am experienced. I have a recognizable, natural flare and love for photography. I know what shots to look for, I have a keen sense for detail and I know how to utilize high grade equipment while adapting to various situations. This is my passion, my dream, my future, and while I have fun with my work I also strive to create exceptional imagery with fulfilled clientele. Your satisfaction is my greatest accomplishment.

Your wedding will only last one day out of your entire life and once it's gone it cannot be replaced. All the months researching, planning, preparing and cutting checks quickly fades in a matter of hours. How do you want to remember it? Compromising quality photos for a cheap price on your wedding day is like buying the Mona Lisa and putting it in a five dollar frame. The outcome is diminishing. Though the cost may be less expensive, at the end of the day if you aren't proud of your images then you are paying the ultimate price in regret. One simply cannot put a price tag on their memories. Budget suitably, invest wisely.

Wedding Collections begin at $3,000
Portrait Collections begin at $400