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Expecting with the Schmitts

May. 18, 2016 | Portraits
I had such a blast FINALLY getting to know Pristine and her husband, Matt, after stalking one another on social media for I don't know... two years?!   We are fellow photographers and there is always pressure when shooting one of your own.  They know what to expect, how light works, predict how a pose will turn out, and have their own ways of shooting.  Basically, a lot of trust is required.  And I felt honored that Pristine would entrust me with their third and last mystery baby!  They are waiting until birth to find out the gender, GAH!  I'm so excited for them!  Pristine was sweeter than I could even imagine and there was so much comfort with her and her family.  I'm actually expecting as well, so we were quite hilarious looking out in these gorgeous fields together, both huge and pregnant, myself giving her direction with my own belly.  :)   I adore these guys and I cannot wait to meet their sweet baby boy or girl, any day now!!  xoxo
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