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Sweet Colton

Jan. 20, 2016 | Portraits

They were enjoying the anticipation of their baby boy Colton when in October they were told he had osteogenesis imperfecta type 2.  He wouldn't have a long life or possibly even survive past delivery due to most of his bones being broken in utero.  Brittanie's body is currently serving as a capsule to sustain his life.  Yet through the pain in her eyes, I saw the hope for peace.  I saw her pulling strength from the pit of her sorrow and leaning on God to get them through each day, one at a time.   I saw Nick love and comfort his wife through his own agony as he stood as her pillar.  I am blessed to know this family, their unbelievable fortitude in the midst of their worst nightmare and their desire to cling to the cross and one another as they press forward.  Despite the hardship they are full of determination and shine an infectious light.   Please pray for this beautiful family as they traverse the road before them.

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