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Destination : Boston

In case you haven't noticed, I've been terrible about blogging lately.  Like, for real.  Blessed with lots of life changes and traveling, my blog just kinda... got dusty.  In an effort to make up for lost time I'm prepping some new material and had to include a couple shots from my Massachusetts trip a few months ago.  I flew out to photograph an awesome wedding for the gorgeous Mr. and Mrs. Brothers, which you can check out here.   My second shooter, aka comrade, aka partner in crime, aka bes fwen Desiree came with and we managed to sneak in a small trip to Boston.  This city was absolute amazing, so much life and beautiful architecture.  I was bummed we could only check it out for a few hours but so happy we did.  The fall colors, the smell of rain, the tall buildings, the sea of umbrellas, awesome food carts in the market... Why do I live in California again? 

I've got to tell you a little story that almost had my face on the back of a milk cartoon but still makes me laugh when I think about it.  We had a couple grueling flights with massive lay overs and arrived to Massachusetts in scary movie time, (roughly 1 or 2am).  Which by the way, if you follow me on Instagram here, you can find some of our videos from Boston, including "BOSTON!" and "How to survive a layover."  Anyway, by the time I got the rental car and we headed out toward the house I rented it was pushing probably 3 in the morning.  Mind you, I'm from California.. A very open and dry desert in California.  So when two young sleep deprived blondes are trying to drive through a new state drenched in huge gorgeous trees with no street lights, windy roads and tons of fog, it made for a perfect scene for the next Scream sequel.  We rolled with it.  That is until we got lost.  I am still convinced to this day that our GPS was plotting to have us murdered as she directed us out to the creepiest lake known to mankind and demanded us to "Get out and walk..."  Surrounded by old two story homes lit up by only the moon as fog danced around our car, we looked at each other for a moment and actually considered it.  We were so exhausted and really just wanted to find our place!  But the further I drove in the direction of the GPS the further we got from civilization and closer to the lake.  The GPS demanded again "You have reached your destination... get out and walk."  After putting the car in park and looking around I quickly locked the doors and floored it in the opposite direction.  We squealingly called the owner of the home in the wee hours of the morning and asked her for street by street directions.  We were in the completely wrong part of town, thanks to our serial killer navigation.  So 15 minutes later, after passing a couple "Handicap Child Crossing" signs, lots of beady eyes,  and turning onto "Break Neck Road," we rolled up to our place surrounded by trees with one dim light flickering from the porch steps.   Needless to say the rest of the night morning was an adventure that we will never forget.

This trip was such an awesome experience.  The rain and colors of the leaves alone were worth every hour of sleep missed.  Worth every ounce of fear while staying on Break Neck Road, and worth every embarrassing moment that lead to unforgettable memories and inside jokes.  I am so blessed with a friendship with Desiree, so blessed to do what I love and be privileged to see other parts of the country doing so.  Praying for an abundance of destination bookings in the near future.  Please pray with me!


A little rain never hurt anyone. Complimentary photo from Desiree.
Clearly I'm from California and did not bring the appropriate shoes. Whatevs.
We couldn't pass up grubbin' on some bomb pizza, and it did not disappoint.
Dainty little table for two. Yes please.
Another shot from Desiree.
If there wasnt a small body of water separating me from this building I would have been in there in a HEARTBEAT. I love old creepy buildings and I can only imagine how awesome it would be to shoot inside of one.
This was the place we rented. Like, for real. Michael Meyers aint got nothin on this crib. And at night time?? Pssssh, let's just say we slept with all the lights on, blocked the basement door with a chair and prayed over every single room before sleeping with one eye open.
Contrary to the creepy house we slept in, when we awoke this was our view waiting across the street. Absolutely gorgeous.
Our street. This was hard to drive away from on our last day..
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