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Mark + Alexa

Jun. 4, 2014 | Engagements, Portraits
Shes from Pennsylvania, he's from California.  After falling in love at Myrtle Beach last summer no distance could separate them.  They were married several months later and while they are now living their lives together in North Carolina, they will be planting their roots in Italy this summer.  Yes, I said Italy.. as in romance, art, fashion, history, pizza and umm, european bathing suits.  I cannot even handle the thought of actually knowing someone who resides in such a beautiful country.  Dont judge me.. I live in a desert.  A small, desolate, very very far off desert.  Alexa and Mark had an intimate ceremony when they married and never had photographs taken.  It was such an honor to spend the evening with them as they prepared for the next big chapter in their lives.  I am so excited for the journey ahead of them and am secretly plotting how I can sneak into their luggage.  Alexa and Mark, hai deli occhi bellissimi!  I just said "you have beautiful eyes..." which is completely irrelevant to this entire post, but it was romantic so were gonna roll with it.  
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