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They're Engaged

Apr. 17, 2015 | Engagements, Portraits
I don't even know where to start.  I was even thinking earlier this week about how I would write this post and I shook my head.. so I'm just gonna let it flow straight from the heart and whatever comes out, comes out.  Vanessa and Gabe.. one of the most real and beautiful couples I've known.  Genuinely.  They respect each other so deeply, are SO loyal, so patient and have such strong hearts.. they fight for each other and they fight for their future.  They deeply value their relationship and each others relationship with God.  Vanessa has waited patiently for God to prepare Gabe and put it on his heart to ask her to be his bride.  And by patiently I'm talking a couple years, nah mean...
When Gabe first met Vanessa it was immediate attraction, I mean come on... she's gorgeous.  But he hesitated.  She had a kid.. she was still growing in her faith and she was a little rough around the edges.  Basically, Vanessa and I were cut from the same cloth, hahaha.  But he was drawn to her, still, and he couldn't get her out of his mind.  It wouldn't be long before she couldn't escape his heart either.  Little did Gabe know that Vanessa's baby girl, Nathalia, would steal his heart first.  Funny way God works, isn't it?   Gabe fell in love with Vanessa's daughter (his initial reservation) while simultaneously falling for her and the way she mothered her baby girl.  He has become a leader in their lives and pushed them both closer to Christ, showing them the way a man loves a woman, the same way Christ loved the church.  
These two have conquered the world together, literally.  Fighting temptation, division and sin and honoring God with their relationship and life while creating a new legacy for beautiful little Nathalia.  I cannot write this without tears of joy in my eyes, Im just going to stop here.  I am so deeply proud of them and so very honored to not only have them in my life as friends but to be there to document this moment.  They give me hope and they remind me that God cares, that God provides and God is always sovereign.  

Congratulations you two three, love you to the moon and back.

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