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Married : Armando + Molly

Jan. 22, 2015 | Weddings

Molly and Armando, I just want to say thank you.  I need to say thank you.  The first time I sat across from you both in that coffee shop I listened to the way you spoke to one another.  I watched you interact as I took notice to the gentleness and respect you both exemplified.  You were so calm, so loving and so warm to not only one another but also to me.  I have met a lot of amazing couples who undeniably love one another but there was something different about the two of you.  There was something deeper, something so pure..  there was a light around you, just the way you looked at each other was captivating.  The way you leaned in and sought one another for answers, how Armando's eyes lit up when he described seeing Molly for the first time.  Hearing the story about Armando's relentless pursuit after the woman he knew was Gods best for him and his determination to share his name with her.   Molly, the way you can't keep your eyes off Armando is endearing and the way Armando pulls you in close to hold and protect you warmed my heart.  I felt like I was meeting lifelong friends and I was privileged to not only witness but also document such a beautiful covenant between you and God.  You are paving the way for so many of us not yet married and your relationship is genuinely inspiring as I walk through seasons in my own life.  Thank you for being my incredibly strong and beautiful brother and sister in Christ and setting yourselves and your marriage apart from the world to honor God.  Thank you for showing the rest of us what an intentional, obedient and God centered union looks like.   Armando, thank you for displaying the love of Christ to your bride in the same manner that He loved the church and leading Molly closer to her maker.  You are both a huge blessing to me and I'm so thankful to have met you and been a part of the beginning of the rest of your lives together.   Congratulations to you both, I love and adore you!



Huge thanks to JC Guzman for second shooting this gorgeous Temecula wedding with me, you rock!!

These are the same heels Molly's mother wore on her wedding day. I cannot even deal.
Molly, you are staggeringly gorgeous. Inside and out.
So glad these two chose to see eachother for the first time privately before their ceremony. Such a special moment.
Before the kiss Molly and Armando prayed and had comunion together as their first act as husband and wife. So beautiful!
Daaaang, Tito!! Go on witcha bad self.
Soooo I'm a pretty big dork and by big I mean massive. I may or may not have taught these flower girls a lesson when I jacked the bouquet from them. All in fun, of course.
The bride and groom are both musically gifted as are their families. The night was amazing with live singing and tons of dancing. I'm still bummed its over.
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