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Hallowed : Chris + Dawn

Nov. 26, 2014 | Weddings

The only thing I've ever photographed on Halloween has been my son in a variety of entertaining costumes prior to destroying them with candy and face paint.  But this year.. well this year was a little different.  I had the privilege of photographing an amazing couple as they promised to love one another for eternity.  Not to mention the wedding was put together at the very own hands of the bride.    I had NO clue what to expect.  I really didn't.  All I knew was that a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the preparation and that I should expect to have never attended, let alone photographed a wedding so unique and creatively brilliant.  And I was not disappointed.   But first, let me tell you a little about the beautiful couple. 

Dawn was looking for tenants to rent her house and she asked a  friend if he would be interested. He said that he was and his buddy Chris might want to split the rent. They all met at the rental to discuss things, followed by a "singles night out," after discovering this was something they all had in common.  The following evening they went out again, and the again the night after.  Eventually Dawn and Chris were spending every day together, texting and communicating nonstop and causing family members to become extremely suspicious of their giddy behavior.  They were completely addicted to one another and it was all history from there.  They make it sound so easy, don't they?  Maybe it is.  Maybe falling madly head over heels in love and marrying your best friend is one of the best moment someone can experience in their lifetime.  I know it certainly was for them. 

Chris and Dawn are such an awesome couple and so committed to one another, you can just see it after even spending five minutes with them.  Their big day was inspired by 1800's horror based novels and movies such as "Interview with a Vampire", "Dracula", and "Jack the Riper."  Each guest arrived in black and white attire accompanied with their own unique mask which was not removed until ordered to do so by the father of the bride just before the ceremony got heated up.  Dawn stood out beautifully in her blood red gown hand crafted by Donna Wiseley, which was five different pieces and completely reversible to black.  The cape she made herself by hand.   All of the other AMAZING bustle skirts worn by the bridesmaids were made by Dawn herself and her mother, Wendy.  Each dress (they made eight total) took about two weeks to make by hand and I can say that they are absolutely gorgeous and I was drooling to wear one.  Dawn also did each centerpiece by hand, including the decorating and wrapping of the pumpkins which she had been collecting since last year's Halloween.  She had help with some other d├ęcor like the candlebras and paper flowers from friends.  Each item bought and carefully put together was at the ingenuity and hard of Dawn herself, all the way up to hours just before she married her best friend.  And I must say she did a fantastic job surpassing her guests expectations. Everyone had such an awesome night celebrating and there was no place more fitting to spend Halloween than with these awesome newlyweds.  

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