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Married: Laura + Airin

Dec. 1, 2015 | Weddings

Laura and Airin, ugh, I could go on for days about how genuinely sweet, selfless and straight up awesome these two are.  They're the type of couple you want to double date with and wear matching bowling shoes.  I introduced them to the blog back in September after taking their engagement photos, which are proudly displayed here and I have been anxiously awaiting this post, (their drop dead gorgeous wedding day) ever since.   I remember the first time I ever talked to Laura.. we got caught up chatting on the phone about God, dating as a single mom, how she and her fiancĂ© met and wedding plans.  An hour later I knew I had made a new friend for life.  After hearing so many kind things about Airin I couldn't wait to meet him and force him to be my new friend too.  It was a ragged road that led Laura to Arin but one that she would gladly walk again to get to him.  After meeting through a mutual friend at church they cultivated a relationship founded on God and Airin opened his heart and arms to not only Laura but also her adorable children.  Laura is an amazing woman to Airin, and Airin a loving man in return.  I felt blessed to be there experiencing them make a covenant before God and a promise to one another before their closest friends and family.  I admire the love they have for one another but more importantly, I admire the rest of the components they provide one another that sustains their love.  Together they are building a beautiful future and today was day one of that journey. 



Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Staggs, it was an honor!

Gorgeous floral design by Brier Rose Design.  Huge thanks to Desiree for second shooting with me!

Their first look consisted of prayer together but no actually looking. Loved this!
Lauras first look with her son.
Thank you Desiree for capturing these awesome detail images designed by Brier Rose Design.
My beautiful second shooter, Desiree, on the far right. Her beauty dazzles.
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