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Married : Amy + Scott

Sep. 22, 2015 | Weddings

Amy and Scott.. as if their exterior wasn't beautiful enough, I literally cannot even deal with how amazing their hearts are.  Being acquaintances and therefore naturally becoming friends on social media, I have watched their relationship blossom from afar and I could not WAIT for the day they would finally become husband and wife.  I was so excited to see them together on their wedding day and I wasn't disappointed as Scott cried tears of joy while he thanked God in prayer for sending him a woman like Amy.   I mean really.. I could barely take photos with the huge knot in my throat from fighting off tears of my own.  The way he loves her is just surreal.  He elevates her, cherishes and adores her and he isn't the least bit afraid to express that, regardless of who's watching.  And the way she wraps herself in his arms makes her look like a puzzle piece created perfectly for him.   Not only are these two madly in love, make a drop dead gorgeous couple and pursue God's heart together, but they are a BLAST to be around.  I could not stop laughing during their reception and secretly wished I was off the clock so I could join in on the shenanigans.  I am so elated with joy for these two and I feel so blessed to call them friends.  


Congratulations guys!!  Cant wait for those maternity photos.  ;)


Huge thanks to Desiree Shuey for shooting alongside me.

I adore the way Amy loves her (now) step-daughter, Laney. This was moments before Amy saw Scott for the first time. GAAH!
An epic version of Bohemian Rhapsody in full effect.
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